Full size Timelapse Unit
The best, most versatile solution to meet the demanding needs of the professional photographer
+ Monthly service fee
  • Industry leading 4g cellular Timelapse Control Unit
  • Rugged Timelapse Enclosure
  • 6800mAh Lithium battery
  • Battery adaptor to suit leading Digital SLR’s (Camera model needs to be specified to ensure correct battery adaptor is supplied)
  • Large optically pure glass window frame with sufficient internal space to allow wide angle lens to 10mm or greater
  • Dashboard access for setup and monitoring (subscription required)
  • Client portal access via monthly service (subscription required)
  • 32GB USB storage capacity supplied
  • SSD drive options available
  • 20 W solar panel upgrades available for sun challenged locations
  • Stainless steel pole mount and mounting nuts and bolts (to mount enclosure to pole mount)
Free Delivery