Infinity IS Partner Program – FAQ

Please read the following FAQ thoroughly. If your question is not covered, please contact for further assistance. We endeavor to answer all queries within 7 days.

Why become an Infinity IS Service Provider?

What are the costs to become a partner?

Who can become a Infinity IS partner?

Are any countries ineligible to join?

What's involved in the partner application process?

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

What is the minimum monthly spend threshold?

How do I order Infinity Imaging Systems cameras & system addons. How do I send my orders to you?

I've placed an order. what do the order statuses mean?

My site runs on WordPress/Drupal/some other CMS – are there any known issues with inserting Widgets on these platforms?

Do you have a dedicated phone number for partners?

Ok, I have sent through my partner application, how long will it take to receive a response?